Package org.opensourcephysics.numerics

Interface Summary
DDE DDE defines a system of delay differential equations
EJSODE EJSODE is an interface for ODEs in EJS
Function Title: Function Description: A function of one variable.
GeneralStateEvent GeneralStateEvent is an extension of the older StateEvents which allows for other types of zero-crossing of the evaluate function, f.
InvertibleFunction Title: InvertibleFunction Description: An invertible function of one variable.
MatrixTransformation MatrixTransformation maps coordinates from one coordinate system to another using a matrix.
MultiVarFunction Title: Function Description: A function of multiple variables.
ODE ODE defines a system of differential equations by providing access to the rate equations.
ODEAdaptiveSolver ODEAdaptiveSolver extends the ODE solver to add adaptive step size capabilities.
ODEEventSolver ODEEventSolver is an interface for a Solver for ODE which accepts and deals with StateEvents
ODESolver ODE defines a minimal differential equation solver.
ODESolverInterpolator ODESolverInterpolator is an interface for objects which use an ODESolver to keep a set of internal states that are used to interpolate values of the ODE solution to create a so-called dense output.
StateEvent StateEvent defines an event consisting in that a given numeric value changes sign from positive to negative.
Transformation Transformation maps coordinates from one coordinate system to another.
VectorFunction VectorFunction defines a function of multiple variables that returns a resultant vector.
ZenoEffectListener ZenoEffectListener is an interface for a listener of Zeno effects while solving an ODE with events.

Class Summary
AbstractODESolver AbstractODE provides a common superclass for ODESolvers.
Adams4 Title: Adams4 Description: A fourth order Predictor-Corrector ODE solver.
Adams5 Title: Adams5 Description: A fifth order Predictor-Corrector (PECE) ODE solver.
Adams6 Title: Adams6 Description: A sixth order Predictor-Corrector ODE solver.
ArrayLib Library of supplementary array routines not supported by the java.util.Arrays class.
Butcher5 Butcher5 implements a fifth order Runge-Kutta ODE solver using an algorithm developed by Butcher.
CashKarp45 CashKarp45 implements a RKF 4/5 ODE solver with variable step size using Cash-Karp coefficients.
Complex Class description
ComplexEigenvalueDecomposition A Java Complex Eigenvalue Decomposition based on an Ada version of a NAG Fortran library subroutine.
ComplexMatrix Class description
CubicSpline Class description
CurveFitting Class CurveFitting defines various curve fitting algorithms inluding linear regression.
Derivative Derivative defines various derivative algorithms.
DormandPrince45 DormandPrince45 implements a RKF 4/5 ODE solver with variable step size using Dormand-Prince coefficients.
DoubleArray DoubleArray stores an array of doubles as a string and as an array.
EigenvalueDecomposition Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a real matrix.
Euler Euler implements an Euler method ODE solver.
EulerRichardson An Euler-Richardson (midpoint) method ODE solver.
Fehlberg8 Title: Fehlberg8 Description: An eigth order Runge-Kutta ODE solver.
FFT FFT computes FFT's of complex, double precision data of arbitrary length n.
FFT2D FFT2D computes the FFT of 2 dimensional complex, double precision data.
FFTReal FFTReal computes the discrete Fourier coefficients a[0], ...., a[N/2] and b[1], ...., b[N/2 - 1] of the discrete partial Fourier sum a[0] + a[1]*cos(N/2*omega*x) + Sum (k=1,2,...,N/2-1) (a[2*k] * cos(k * omega * x) + a[2*k+1] * sin(k * omega * x)) given real functional values y[0], ...., y[N-1].
FunctionTransform Class description
HessianMinimize Class description
Heun3 Heun3 implements Heun's third order algorithm for solving ODEs by evaluating the rate at the initial state, and two intermediate states.
IntegerArray IntegerArray stores an array of doubles as a string and as an array.
Integral Class Integral defines various integration algorithms.
Interpolation Class Interpolation defines simple interpolation algorithms.
LagrangeInterpolator LagrangeInterpolator uses a polynomial interpolation formula to evaluate values between data points.
LeapFrog LeapFrog method ODE solver.
Legendre Legendre defines Legendre Polynomials based on of Alan Jeffrey's Handbook of Mathematical Formulas an Integrals.
LevenbergMarquardt LevenbergMarquardt performs a minimization of a nonlinear multivariable function using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.
LogBase10Function Class description
LUPDecomposition Lower Upper Permutation (LUP) decomposition See Object Oriented Implementation of Numerical Methods by Didier H.
MathExpParser MathExpParser defines an abstract super class for mathematical expression parsers.
Matrix2DTransformation Matrix2DTransformation implements 2D affine transformations
Matrix3DTransformation Matrix3DTransformation implements 3D affine transformations using a matrix representation.
NumericsLog Logs numerics messages to the OSPLog using reflection.
ODEBisectionEventSolver ODEBisectionEventSolver is an ODEEventSolver that uses the bisection method for root finding.
ODEInterpolatorEventSolver ODEInterpolatorEventSolver implements ODEEventSolver using any ODESolverInterpolator as the solver engine.
ODEMultistepSolver ODEMultistepSolver performs multiple ODE steps so that a uniform step size is maintained.
ODESolverFactory A factory class that creates an ODESolver using a name.
ParsedFunction ParsedFunction defines a function of a single varianble using a String.
ParsedMultiVarFunction ParsedMultiVarFunction defines a function of multiple variables using a String.
PBC Implements methods to support periodic boundary condtions.
Polynomial Polynomial implements a mathematical polynomial: c[0] + c[1] * x + c[2] * x^2 + ....
PolynomialLeastSquareFit Polynomial least square fit without any error estimation.
Quaternion Quaternion models a unit quaternion and implements quaternion arithmetic.
Ralston2 Ralston2 implements Ralston's algorithm for solving ODEs by evaluating the rate at the initial state, estimating the rate for the final state, and using a weighted average of these two rates to advance the state.
RK4 Title: RK4 Description: A fourth order Runge-Kutta ODE solver.
RK45 RK45 implements an Runge-Kutta 4/5 ODE solver with variable step size.
RK45MultiStep Title: RK45MultiStep Description: Perform multiple RK4/5 ODE steps so that a uniform step size is maintained
Root Class Root defines various root finding algorithms.
SuryonoParser The class Parser is a mathematical expression parser.
Util A utility class for numerical analysis.
Vec3D A 3-element vector that is represented by double-precision floating point x,y,z coordinates.
VectorMath VectorMath is a utility class for vector math.
Verlet Verlet: A velocity Verlet method ODE solver.

Exception Summary
NumericMethodException Indicates that an error occured in a numeric method.
ODESolverException Signals that a numerical error occured within an ODE solver.
ParserException Indicates that an error occurred in parser operation, and the operation could not be completed.